In 2007, Corinne was reading a parenting magazine when she came across an ad for a foundation which was started in honor of their own daughter in order to make a difference in the lives of babies & to help their daughters’ legacy live on. “I had to look at it twice,” Corinne recalls, “They had lost their daughter at 9 days old – the exact same age as Rhiannon when she passed away. The symptoms were eerily similar, and I felt goose bumps cover my body. It was comforting and a kind of relief. I felt like I was really meant to find that ad.” She later learned that both girls had died from the same virus.

Rhiannon Fay-Marie McMurray was born healthy and happy on May 3, 2006, and went home after the usual time at the hospital to start her life with her mom, dad, and big brother Tommy. After several days, however, she became fussy, stopped eating, and began acting as if she did not feel well.

​Rhiannon's parents rushed her to the doctor's office where she went into cardiac arrest. She was ultimately sent via Flight for Life to Children's Hospital Colorado, but doctors there were unable to save her. She died when she was 9 days old. The coroner later determined Rhiannon had contracted a virus sometime in her first week of life; her tiny body could not fight it.

Remembering Rhiannon faye - marie Mcmurray


"Butterflies are the heaven sent kisses of an angel"


It was then that Dan & Corinne decided they needed to do something here in Colorado as well. Now they are doing all that they can to prevent other families here in Colorado from experiencing a similarly tragic and lasting loss. Since 2008, the McMurrays have raised nearly $100,000 through various fundraisers in every effort to help save babies lives. They hope you will join them in the Sixth Annual Golf Tournament in memory of Rhiannon and others who have died much too soon.

Please visit ​and enter the event code Greens17 to participate.  We appreciate your support!